LeadSwell Webinar Promo Workflow

LeadSwell Webinar Promo at a Glance

LeadSwell has a proven track record of delivering live and recorded event registrations. Our formula for promoting webinars drives attendance for live events by ensuring that:

  • Campaigns are launched quickly—usually within hours of receiving launch instructions.
  • Campaigns are completed quickly– usually within 1-2 weeks of launch.
  • Event registrations are manually uploaded to the client’s webinar platform (e.g., On24, WebEx) so that the webinar platform can nurture registrants into attending.
  • Calendar invites can be sent to each registrant with event details.
  • Attendance can be nurtured through an email reminder and a follow-up call

Results of Typical Webinar Promo Campaigns

  • Hundreds to thousands of registrations per event, per the agreement
  • Registration goals are completed within campaign parameters
  • Campaigns launched and leads fulfilled quickly— providing ample time for nurturing
  • An attendance rate of 2-5% meets clients’ expectations
  • Ongoing relationships with vendors, agencies, and publishers to promote their webinars and live events

LeadSwell delivers webinar registrations without burdening internal teams. When you work with LeadSwell, the process is simple.

  • Clients provide a link to the event—THE ONLY material required to launch a Webinar Promo campaign.
  • LeadSwell creates and provides previews of all promotional materials for approval before the launch.
  • Clients use their preferred webinar platform (e.g., On24, WebEx).

How LeadSwell Webinar Promo Works

Audience Development

LeadSwell builds a custom list of warm prospects who fit clients’ ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), drawing from our database and supplementing with LinkedIn for accuracy and quality. Additional audience development sources include ABM lists/TALs. LeadSwell also leverages intent from LinkedIn, job boards, and other sources. Accounts with high intent scores are selected to maximize the propensity to be in-market for our clients’ services.

Email and/or Telemarketing Promotion

LeadSwell promotes clients’ events to the audience identified using email or a combination of email and telemarketing. The LeadSwell team writes, designs, and provides all programs and scripts to clients for approval before using them.

Email-only webinar promotion

For clients who only want email outreach, LeadSwell promotes events via standalone email from domains we own (e.g., EnterpriseTechToday) to the ABM list(s)/TAL(s) based audience.

Since LeadSwell has complete contact information for everyone we deploy email campaigns to, everyone who clicks through is redirected to the webinar registration confirmation page, bypassing the need for forms that people rarely fill out. Then, each lead is tele-verified, getting through gatekeepers to ensure the individual is still employed and to provide clients with as many direct dials, extension numbers, and digits in the dial-by-name directory. As a final step, LeadSwell inputs the registration into the client’s webinar registration platform, such as On24, WebEx, etc.

Telemarketing and email promotion 

LeadSwell has trained call center reps that call prospects in the client’s ICP from our brands (e.g., EnterpriseTechToday, EnterpriseTechBuyer) on behalf of clients to invite them to attend a webinar on <date at time> called <event title>. LeadSwell call center reps confirm we can register them for the free event by confirming their email as <email>. In addition, clients can provide up to 3-4 custom profiling questions, asked survey style, to facilitate the qualification of leads (e.g., SQL, sales-ready). When a call is complete, LeadSwell sends the lead an email with information on the event, and we usually input the registration into the client’s webinar registration platform, such as On24 and WebEx.

Driving Attendance

LeadSwell’s webinar promotion service is great at breaking through the noise to promote live events and webinars to busy decision-makers in a way that drives attendance to webinars and live events. Recognizing decision-makers are increasingly distracted and driving attendance to live events remains challenging, LeadSwell stands by the data quality, responsiveness to nurture, and outbound calling campaigns used to drive attendance.

A few tactics that we have found to help with driving attendance for events are:

  1. Sending calendar invites to each attendee with the event info. Those that decline the event will be replaced.
  2. Place one reminder call on the morning of the event to remind prospective attendees to try to show up.

Quality Assurance

When promoting content, such as events via email marketing, contacts are tele-verified as value add. To verify that phone numbers are accurate before delivery, LeadSwell call center reps call the operator to confirm that they can get through to each end user’s desk. In addition, when promoting content, such as whitepapers and eBooks, via telemarketing, the LeadSwell team always requests that end users provide their direct dial or extension number. They also SMTP check email addresses to validate them, using services like Informatica and Verifalia. Finally, if a link is shared via email and it bounces, the email is removed prior to delivery.

One of the most important parts of LeadSwell’s work is listening to call recordings to locate leads with engagement and intent as well as to scrub out tire kickers. LeadSwell scrubs for bad email domains and phone numbers (e.g., 555-555-5555, @dontreachme.com). And, all leads are verified with LinkedIn, and LeadSwell includes LinkedIn profiles for every lead.